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Aidita Paulussen

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Aidita Paulussen was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. It was there where she found her first taste of creative inspiration. From the beautiful volcanos and colorful mountains of the Andes to the vibrant street markets and diversity of people – everywhere Aidita looked, creative inspiration was found. Since she was very young, Aidita made art. One of her early artistic role models was Ecuadorian painter, Oswaldo Guayasamin.


Starting in 2019 during the pandemic, Aidita’s art took on a new visual form as she leaned into abstract painting. “I wanted to create art on large and small canvases with bright and exciting colors flowing in and around to recreate the swirls of my soul.”


Aidita uses fluid acrylic paint to create her poured abstracts. Each morning she wakes up with a new vision and bases her days work on what she feels. She has shown her work at the Sanford Welcome Center and continues to create each day.


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