classes & workshops

COVID-19 UPDATE: In the interest of our community's safety, all classes will be limited to less than ten people per class. All participants are encouraged to wear a mask throughout the duration of each class and while in the gallery. We ask that all participants abide social distancing guidelines. Thank you!

Stewart Jones - Studio 1

Stewart offers intermediate watercolor classes on Friday and Saturday afternoons. He also introduces new artists into the world of watercolor with classes for beginners.

Fees: $35 for one session and $95 for four sessions.

Lessons in watercolor may be given in the studio or outside on location upon request.

Call or text to 407-462-6973 or email for information.

Cindy Sturla - Studio 1

Cindy offers watercolor lessons to beginning and intermediate students. Private sessions are $25 an hour or join a class with Cindy at the rate of $35 per lesson.​

Fees: $35 per class; $25 per hour for private session.

Beginner watercolor classes are taught on alternating Tuesdays.

Watercolor II classes are taught Friday mornings.

Contact Cindy by phoning her at 407-325-6130 or by email at

Solrun Bjork Class.jpg

Solrun Bjork - Studio 7​


Class type: Oil (wet on wet technique)

Duration of class: 4 hours

Cost: $50 (all supplies included except paper towels)


Sólrún Bjork guides students of all skill levels through her step by step oil painting process. All supplies are included in the class fee except for paper towels. Sólrún considers herself a life long learner and teacher. She has acquired teaching certification from the Bob Ross School in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. Her classic approach is masterful and wrought with precise attention to every detail.

Contact Solrun by email at