classes & workshops

COVID-19 UPDATE: In the interest of our community's safety, all classes will be limited to less than ten people per class. All participants must wear a mask throughout the duration of each class and while in the gallery. We ask that all participants abide social distancing guidelines. Thank you!

Stewart Jones - Studio 1

Stewart offers intermediate watercolor classes on Friday and Saturday afternoons. He also introduces new artists into the world of watercolor with classes for beginners.

Fees: $35 for one session and $95 for four sessions.

Lessons in watercolor may be given in the studio or outside on location upon request.

Call or text to 407-462-6973 or email for information.

Cindy Sturla - Studio 1

Cindy offers watercolor lessons to beginning and intermediate students. Private sessions are $25 an hour or join a class with Cindy at the rate of $35 per lesson.​

Fees: $30 per class; $25 per hour for private session.

Beginner watercolor classes are taught on alternating Tuesdays.

Watercolor II classes are taught Friday mornings.

Contact Cindy by phoning her at 407-325-6130 or by email at