John Horrell

John Horrell, Mixed Media Artist born in 1970 during the era of free love, Vietnam and drugs. He lost his father at the age of 5 to the Maryland State Penitentiary after his father committed murder while high on PCP. This tragedy sent his family into a tailspin that resulted in John attending 11 schools in 8 states during his 12 years of grade school. It was nearly impossible for him to keep up academically and being a shy kid he would spend most of his time drawing. John never went to art school and is 100% self-taught. Having no formal artistic training John would explore and experiment using paints, collage, photography and basically anything that would make color. If he couldn’t figure out how to draw an eye for his picture he would cut one out of a magazine and add it to his drawing. At the time he had no idea that what he was creating was mixed media art.

John began his art career under the pseudonym Peter Dragon, he felt no one would be interested in owning art made by the shy son of a convict named John Horrell. Taking on a new persona John had the confidence to show his work publicly…and so it began. You will find symbolism in his work such as the number 131538, his father’s inmate number and his daily reminder of who he is.

Today John works under his legal name and has won numerous awards, featured in galleries, magazines and billboards and enjoyed in the homes of collectors throughout the United States and even in Europe.

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