Don Moon


Growing up, Don Moon was surrounded by a family of artists. His uncle was a member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS)with galleries throughout the United States. His father was a "regular" at Florida art shows.

Don's artwork in high school earned him awards; including a scholarship to college. His focus shifted to business management and his days became full with raising a family and working in retail management.

In the 1980's Don started his own painting/decorating business. His unique and masterful style was soon in high demand by high end builders. Known as a master finisher/painter, he started designing doors, cabinetry, and furniture.


Don's work has incorporated a variety of techniques, styles and themes over the years. He has created work from folk art to expressionism to abstract. He has enjoyed exploring all of these styles. Typically he works on three or more pieces at a time and prefers standing rather, constantly shifting his vantage point.


Exploring the connections of emotional response to colors and techniques, Don finds himself painting or constructing works that have a social or environmental statement buried beneath the surface.