John Sullivan

John Sullivan

John is an Orlando resident of 25 years where he practiced Landscape Architecture, specializing in Theme Park and Resort design. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico he attended Oklahoma State University and obtained degrees in Forestry and Wildlife Management as well as Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. His love and fascination with nature started at an early age and was further encouraged by his adoptive parents while working on their ranch in eastern Oklahoma.

Artist Statement

“I create digital paintings from my photography. I typically don’t set out to capture one idea or another, but allow the moment or location to guide me.” My body of work covers a wide range of topics, themes and locations. The beauty of nature in its many forms is often a dominate subject in my digital art and photography. Traveling has taken me to some extreme locations across the globe, but Iceland has got to be my favorite. I’m a self-taught digital artist and photographer. I developed my eye and techniques over my 25 year career as a Landscape Architect. I was always searching for photographs to explain themes and ideas to my clients, but I became frustrated with using other people’s images. They never really captured the right feeling, color, texture or form I wished to convey. So, I picked up a camera and began taking my own pictures..

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