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Kimberly Turner

Kimberly Turner

Kimberly Turner's love for art was first found in the newspaper comics. As a young girl she would sketch her own cartoon parodies then fold them into the Sunday paper as if they had just been delivered.


Growing up in rural Northeast Georgia, there was plenty of time for a creative mind to wander. There were red clay sculptures, grand tree house architecture and a plywood bedroom floor covered in doodles wall to wall. All grown up, Kim calls Central Florida home, where she has raised two grown boys and a fish named Swim Shady.


Kim began a career as a mural painter in residential homes and professional offices and many years later, she landed her dream job as scenic painter in the theme park industry. Kim's portfolio includes such projects as Diagon Alley, Pandora and Galaxy's Edge to name a few. Kimberly also focuses her creativity on her own personal folk art. As a self taught artist, her styles may vary but her love for color is always evident.


The subjects of her work often come from the simple humors of life, a snarky a bird on a branch, a peculiar stranger she meets, or a dog minding his business in a neighbor's yard. Kim has participated locally in various art events and was selected as the 2013 Mount Dora Art Festival Poster Artist.


When she is not in her studio creating, Kim can be found rummaging thrift stores, plundering flea markets and picking off street curbs for odds and ends to artfully re-purpose. Be it a displaced globe, misfit furniture or an unstrung guitar, Kim finds thrill in bringing a forgotten object back to life.


Kim's most recent works of art have been heavily influenced by a tropical paradise. On location in Nassau, Bahamas for a scenic project, Kim spends her spare time scavenging the island for eclectic finds to use as canvas, be it driftwood or rusted ole' paint can lids. Her experience on by the sea has sparked new ideas that will be revealed in her work to come.


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