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October Featured Artist - Julie Latayan

October Featured Artist Julie Latayan-Farrell began her career as a painter and muralist; moving into teaching and ultimately surrendering to the power and possibilities of clay. Clay presented Julie with a medium she could use to blend her painting skills and love of form and color to capture expression and form texture. Julie’s characters are made of ceramic paper clay, fired in a kiln and finished in a unique technique with acrylic paint. Julie feels a heartbeat in every piece of clay and creatively works to bring it to life in a clever and unique way. Her ceramic sculptures possess a moody vibe evoking stories, memories and emotion. Check our her sculptures at Gallery On First or visit her website at:

Holiday Extravaganza

Our Holiday Open House will be Thursday November 18 from 6pm to 9pm. Enjoy art by the Gallery On First artists. See what we've been up to. Roger Kipp has been making Christmas decorations and ornaments since the pandemic started. When he makes his own frames for his paintings, there is a triangular piece of wood left over when you miter sections of frames. He saves these pieces and turns them into Christmas tree decorations and holiday ornaments. Roger will have these on display throughout the upcoming holiday season!

Join us for Art & Jazz Night in Historic Downtown Sanford on Thursday October 21 from 6-9pm. Visit some of the participating locations, all within a comfortable walking distance from one another. Guests are welcome to explore local businesses featuring art and live jazz! Beginning at 6:00 you can enjoy art and music at these local establishments: Deviant Wolfe Brewing featuring live jazz - 121 West 1st Street Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe featuring the Greg Parnell Jazz Band - 205 East 1st Street Jeanine Taylor Folk Art and Gallery on First - 211 E. 1st St Magpie's Modern General - 215 East 1st Street Reg Garner Gallery - 116 South Park Ave Sanford Information Center - 230 East 1st Street Shantell's 503 Sanford Ave Triple Goddess Treasures 500 Sanford Ave Tuffy's Bottle Shop Lounge - 200 Myrtle Ave Sanford Brewing Company - 400 Sanford Ave Click here to view the Art and Jazz Night map.

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