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Sanford Porchfest Returns!

February 18 from 6-9PM

Our Open Studio Event is located in charming Historic Downtown Sanford where brick lined streets are lit by string lights and house dozens of independently opened shops and restaurants.

Catching the Light

With a passion for light, beauty, and landscapes, Cindy Sturla and Stewart Jones describe the inspiration and meaning behind their paintings which depict the light falling on their subject.

From capturing the dazzling light of radiant skies to turning on the coziness of luminous winters, Jones and Sturla explore glowing light effects in their paintings. If you really want to see the light, then you have to use darks to set the stage so the light can really be seen.

Their work celebrates the wonder of light and color. The title refers to the moment when something suddenly ‘catches’ our eye by ‘catching’ the light, thus creating a heightened perception of light and color which all too often we take for granted. Catching the Light seeks to recreate the vibrant, fleeting intensity of that sensation and was conceived in the spirit of early plein air artists.

Sturla and Jones often work en plein air, starting paintings on site in the woods, fields or other locations and sometimes finishing them in their studio at Gallery On First. Their paintings are premised on the truth that they stood in this place, with the light casting shadows just so, the temperature of the air warm or cool, while the sun warms against their face. See their paintings at Gallery On First during February’s Open Studio night Saturday Feb. 18 from 6-9pm.

“Early Birds”

Sanford Wine Walk

Gallery on First is excited to announce our participation in another Sanford Wine Walk scheduled for Friday 2/24 from 6-9pm. The Theater West End created Wine Walk as a way to build community support and offer a fun night out. Ticket prices go to fund their creative endeavors.

Admission includes a wine glass and printed guide to tasting stations located around Downtown Sanford at participating shops. Each tasting station has a sponsored winery. Come out and enjoy a great night of wine and exploring Historic Downtown Sanford!

To purchase tickets or learn more, click here:

The 6th Annual Sanford Porchfest free concert event; happening on February 25th will host their ancilary silent auction featuring several artists from Gallery on First! All proceeds from the auction will be donated to help fund art scholarships for Seminole County youth through the Porchfest Foundation.

Find the art auction tent in Centennial Square by East 5th Street from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 25. Guests will have the chance to bid on a stellar selection of donated work by generous local artists! Top bidders will be identified and contacted by phone between 5 & 6 p.m on Feb. 25 for payment and pickup.

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