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Studio 5 Grand Opening with Jennifer Payne and Kimberly Turner!

Grand Opening for Gallery On First Artists Longtime friends and art collaborators Jennifer Payne and Kimberly Turner have moved into Studio 5 together and transformed it into a playful art installation along with new paintings. Please join us for their grand opening of this shared creative space at Gallery on First on Saturday, June 18, from 6-9.

Join us this Saturday! Every third Saturday of the month the 16 studio artists at Gallery on First welcome art lovers to their Open Studio event from 6-9pm. Enjoy complimentary refreshments and stroll the gallery halls to meet the artists and get a glimpse of their latest work. This event is located in charming Historic Downtown Sanford where brick lined streets are lit by string lights and house dozens of independently owned shops and restaurants. Click Here for Facebook Event:

Oil Painting with Sólrún Ben Classes are Saturdays Noon - 4:00PM Supplies are included. Class fee is 50 dollars. For questions or to signup contact Sólrún Ben

Plein Air Painting By Stewart Jones I enjoyed some time plein air painting in the cooler weather of Ohio this month. I grew up in rural Ohio from the ages of 4 to 20 before moving to Florida. This month I took the opportunity to travel back to Ohio to visit with family and friends that I haven’t seen for quite some time.

I traveled with my watercolor paints so that I could paint the landscape that I remembered so fondly. One of my favorite subjects is old wooden barns. I enjoy painting this subject because I know historic barns are vanishing rapidly, being replaced by modern metal structures. Farmland is being converted into new houses and subdivisions and the vast open country is quickly disappearing. You can see more of my paintings at:

Plein Air painting is the term used to describe paintings that are created outdoors by by artists on site. Challenges include the type of paint used to paint outdoors, animals, bugs, onlookers, and environmental conditions such as weather. I am always aware of these conditions and I try to show the atmosphere in my paintings. Stop by my studio and you’ll see many of my paintings which were created in plein air. Sign up for my newsletter at:

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