Roger Kipp


Conveying the joy and happiness and love in life is what it's all about for Roger Kipp. Roger wants his bright colors and happy flowers to make the viewer smile and feel a sense of happiness. Having gardened for many years, he brings the exuberant shapes and striking colors from the garden to his paintings. Working in acrylics on wood panels, he strives to project the wonder and pleasure found in nature.

After spending over 30 years in the corporate world, Roger retired to Florida from living in New York and Connecticut. With the freedom of spare time he was able to indulge in his passion for design and art. Being unschooled in drawing and painting, he dove into creating abstract works for his enjoyment.


Life shifted when his long time partner was diagnosed with Parkinson's and painting went on the back burner. With a new chapter in his life opening after his partner's passing, art became a major component of his life and he began painting with a renewed passion. His paintings express the enchantment and jubilance found in nature. His art conveys a simplicity and playful light hardheartedness.

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