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Growing up homeschooled, I spent lots of my time drawing and painting everything that caught my eye. Throughout my early teens and high-school, I’ve had many opportunities to improve my technique through various art projects at my local church.

From drawing, to painting, and to ceramics, I gained a deep appreciation for hands-on art, history, and traditional techniques at Seminole State College. Continuing my education at Stetson University allowed me to further my knowledge of studio arts in relation to culture. I continue to learn about the power of art in communicating ideas and telling stories beyond the confines of written language and spoken words. Beyond my college and academic circles, I have also had multiple opportunities to actively engage with my community by teaching art to children, displaying personal work at local galleries, and teaming up with other artists to create public art.

I’m continually working on new projects, experimenting with ideas, and observing the world around me. By interacting with other creative minds, with nature, and even everyday objects, I constantly discover new perspectives on life and challenge myself to express my own voice in creative and tangible ways.



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