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Andrew McMillen


As a multi-disciplinary artist Andrew has acquired a varied skillset over the course of his 15-year career. Beginning as a multimedia designer he now specializes in UX/UI design at Electronic Arts. Currently residing in Sanford, Florida he continues to practice in the mediums that were his foundation as a designer; ink and watercolor.


A penchant for drawing took hold early in his youth while Andrew grew up in rural Ohio. From watching public television and classic cartoons to reading history and works of fantasy, inspiration came in many forms. Later on his propensity for drawing solidified into a love for art while earning a BFA in Visual Communication & Design from Indiana University. 


Through hours of en plein air painting and perspective drawing Andrew has developed an ever growing visual library to create work that is both familiar and fantastical. 

To learn more about Andrew and his work visit

Instagram: @am.musing

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