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Dr. Parrish Monk is a self-taught multi-media artist and artisan as well as an adult educator, educational consultant, and learning and development professional.

Parrish Monk was born in Wichita Falls Texas on a military base during his father’s 27 years in the US Airforce. As a military brat and as an Army veteran himself, traveling and living across the globe informed Parrish’s exposure and appreciation for the diverse multicultural world we live in. This world view has been incorporated into his artwork where you will often find embedded symbolism, cultural influences, and even spiritual derivations from other cultures.


Parrish’s work includes handmade one of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from his ManHandled Jewelry™ line; his unique, hand tied hybrid fiber art scarves he calls ManHandled Mufflers©; pottery and ceramic ware; clay and mixed media sculptures; upcycled wood artwork; and of course, his unique paintings. Parrish’s paintings often included: upcycled materials, impasto, sheet music, mixed-media and other additives and specialized paints and experimental painting techniques.


Many of his paintings are often very heavily textured and look and behave more like 3D wall sculptures. There is an inherent vulnerability in Parrish’s art, which reveals his soul, passion, and faith to share new works which are often experimental in nature. Parrish’s ability to tell a story using mixed media creates an opportunity for conversation and authentic human connection while giving the viewer a glimpse into raw, unfettered creativity.


Parrish’s art has been incorporated into productions of tv shows, musical, theatre, literature, and film but he is most humbled by the first artworks that have been purchased by parents for their children or by new collectors. As a recent transplant from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, Parrish currently resides in the Oviedo Florida with his wife and youngest of 3 sons.

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