Stewart Jones


Stewart Jones has been exhibiting his paintings at Gallery On First for over 13 years. Whether capturing the beauty of local color, or stepping outside the box to create more modern abstract representations, the artist’s point of view is always full of breathtaking color, lyrical expression, and a well developed respect for the environment he knows and loves so well.


Stewart was born in Panama City, Florida. At an early age his love of landscape and farm life began to take shape amidst the open, unspoiled terrain of rural farm country. It was here where the young artist’s appreciation for vast open landscapes began. This affinity for the land continues as a driving force which resonates throughout the life of a now mature artist.


Stewart attended Ferris State University where he studied commercial art. He loves to travel across the United States where he regularly refills his artistic soul with natural beauty that pours creative fuel back into his professional world.


His work is currently in the private collections of patrons across the United States, as well as other countries. Stewart continues to teach classes in watercolor and also does commissions.

To see more of Stewart's original works, view his website at:

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Stewart offers intermediate watercolor classes on Friday and Saturday afternoons. He also introduces new artists into the world of watercolor with classes for beginners.

Fees: $35 for one session and $95 for four sessions.

Lessons in watercolor may be given in the studio or outside on location upon request.

Call or text to 407-462-6973 or email for information.