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Vanessa Valleray

Tranquil Waters
Olivine Dreams

Vanessa Valleray, originally from The Bahamas, is a medical laboratory scientist turned artist, after rediscovering her passion for art. Vanessa spent years working as a medical lab scientist. But like many people, the COVID-19 pandemic challenged her in ways she could never have anticipated. The unpredictability of the virus, long hours, and emotional toll of the work left her feeling burnt out and unfulfilled.

It was in this moment of uncertainty that Vanessa turned back to her love for art. She began creating beautiful pieces in her spare time and soon realized that she found much more joy and fulfillment in her creative pursuits. She decided to take a leap of faith, leaving her laboratory profession behind. 

Today, Vanessa is a growing artist, creating beautiful works that reflect her unique perspective and artistic style. She feels grateful to be able to spend her days doing what she loves and hopes that her art inspires others to follow their passions and to embrace the joy that can come from creative expression.



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