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Roger Kipp's Pop Art, The Watercolor Society of Central Florida and an exhibit from Solrun Bjork

My story starts way back - I went to the University of Texas as an architecture student. The first day the Dean said only 5% of the students will graduate. So I changed to Finance my second semester. But always loved art and design. I worked for over 30 years at IBM in Finance and then Management Consulting with little time to pursue art. I took an adult education course at the Greenwich High School in Faux Painting. It was something that could be done in spurts. I have painted all the woodwork in my condo to look like marble recently. Then when I retired and we moved to Florida we had big walls and no big paintings. I started with a 6 x 6 foot abstract as I have never been trained to draw. It is still hanging in my living room. I continued with the abstracts. Then my husband Robert came down with heart issues and then Parkinsons'. That lasted for 9 or 10 years until his passing. My focus changed completely during that period away from art. I dabbled a little after that and for the next 4 or 5 years, the art laid fallow. I then met Mark and he encouraged me to get back into it. My abstracts morphed into flowers - more abstract at first until I found my style. I am untrained and my ability to draw is limited. So Folk Art; and in particular a bright version of it, was a natural. I didn't know what to call it as it is different than traditional folk art so we came up with Pop Folk Art - I guess a little Peter Max blended in there. I have surprised myself with my use of bright colors. The pandemic was starting so I had all the time in the world to pursue art. We always had gardens in the houses in Greenwich, Bedford and Santa Fe which were my love and domain. So it was natural for me to paint what I loved and knew. Visit my studio at Gallery On First or browse my website at:

The Central Florida Watercolor Society has the honor of having an exhibition of their work at the Sanford City Hall. Gallery on First artists Cindy Sturla and Stewart Jones are past presidents of the Central Florida Watercolor Society and will have some of their art featured at the exhibit.

The show runs now through November 30 and will be open to public viewing during city hall operating hours. Sanford City Hall, 300 N. Park Ave. In Sanford, FL.

There will now be a live video presentation of the artwork on the City’s You Tube channel at 1:00 pm on September 16th You can watch the opening reception on YouTube at

Sólrún Björk was born in Reykjavik, Iceland. Björk has always been mystified and inspired by the natural world and enchanting landscapes of her surroundings. Much of her work seamlessly melds the natural world with dramatic figures and wildlife.

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